Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Dave Sim's Judenhass Graphic Novel is Now FREE on SEQUENTIAL

From Dave Sim, creator of Cerebus
I decided some time ago that the term ‘anti-Semitism’ – a ‘coined’ term of late 19th Century origin – is completely inadequate for the abhorrent cultural phenomenon which it attempts to describe. For one thing, Arabs are Semites as well and the prejudice as it is generally understood certainly doesn’t apply equally to Arabs and Jews.

It was in the early stages of researching this graphic narrative that I first encountered the German term ‘Judenhass’.

Literally ‘Jew hatred’. It seemed to me that the term served to distil the ancient problem to its essence, and in such a way as to hopefully allow other non-Jews (like myself) to see the problem
‘unlaundered’ and through fresh eyes. Europe and various other jurisdictions aren’t experiencing a sudden upsurge in ‘anti-Semitism’. What they are experiencing is an upsurge in Judenhass.

Jew hatred. 

So that’s what I’ve chosen to call this story.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Koyama Press Joins SEQUENTIAL

http://store.sequential.cc/catalogue/publisher/koyama_press/42SEQUENTIAL and Koyama Press are pleased to announce the launch of a number of Koyama Press comics and graphic novels as digital editions exclusively available via SEQUENTIAL. The first batch of releases includes a number of recent Koyama Press favourites, as well as titles that have been long out-of-print. From cosmic art critiques to despondent, down-on-their luck cats, we’ve got you covered.

Koyama Press and SEQUENTIAL are celebrating the launch with a super special offer: all titles are on sale from 8-9 November at a massive 50% off print price. Check out the whole range of titles here!

SEQUENTIAL’s founder, Russell Willis, said, “We’re really delighted to have Koyama Press coming on board. They represent some of the most exciting and innovative comics coming out of the small press scene, and they’re a fantastic and valuable addition to SEQUENTIAL’s expanding lineup.”

Koyama Press and SEQUENTIAL are really excited about this new digital partnership. Moreover, this is just the first batch of Koyama Press digital editions, so keep your eyes and apps open for more exciting releases!

About Koyama Press

Founded in 2007, Koyama Press is a Toronto-based small press. Our mandate is to promote and support a wide range of emerging and established artists. Projects include comics, graphic novels, art books, and zines. We are known for our alternative edge and diverse range of titles that include a myriad of genres from autobiography to photography, from horror to humour, and more.